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At Bayside Masonry & Restorations, we pride ourselves on providing quality Old World craftsmanship and professional service. Foundations, slabs and excavation might not sound as glamorous as other projects on your list, but they are a necessary part of keeping your home safe and functional.


A proper foundation not only holds up your house, it keeps out moisture, resists movement and insulates against the cold. Everything has to be perfect, from the base properly compacted to the being formwork set up right. At Bayside Masonry & Restorations, we will ensure that your foundation is tailored properly to the site by taking into consideration the water table, soil conditions, and backfill.

We offer a variety of foundation repairs:

  • Bowed Foundation Wall Repair
  • Cracked Basement Wall
  • Stucco Masonry
  • Stone Facings
  • Stone Restoration
  • … and more

Concrete Slabs

Pouring a concrete slab sounds easy, but if you have never done it before, it could be intimidating.  Bayside Masonry & Restorations are master masons and have been pouring slabs for over 28 years.  We have experience and the tools to do the job right.

Concrete slabs are pretty common in both the home and building industry.  Because of its strength, durability, availability, ease of installation and cost, concrete makes a great material for foundations.


Excavation is more than just  hauling dirt.  It includes site readiness, trenching, and grading, just to name a few.  At Bayside Masonry & Restorations, we will ensure every excavation project is safe and efficient.  We have the expertise, skills and knowledge to ensure that your goals are met on time and on budget.  Regardless of your project, our excavation services will exceed your expectations.


At Bayside Masonry & Restorations, we take pride in offering a wide variety of masonry services. We are licensed in Boston, servicing all of Greater Boston and surrounding areas.

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