Foundations, Slabs & Excavations in Mattapan, Boston

We take pride in providing superior Old World craftsmanship and competent service in Mattapan, Boston at Bayside Masonry & Restorations. Foundations, slabs, and excavation may not sound as exciting as the other chores on your to-do list, but they are essential to making your home safe and functioning.

Foundations in Mattapan, Boston

A solid foundation not only supports your home, but it also keeps moisture out, resists movement, and insulates against the elements. Everything has to be exact, from the appropriately compacted base to the properly set up formwork. We will guarantee that your foundation is properly adapted to the site by taking into account the water table, soil conditions, and backfill at Bayside Masonry & Restorations.

Foundations, Slabs & Excavations in Mattapan, Boston

We offer a variety of foundation repairs:

  • Bowed Foundation Wall Repair
  • Cracked Basement Wall
  • Stucco Masonry
  • Stone Facings
  • Stone Restoration
  • … and more

Concrete Slabs in Mattapan, Boston

Although pouring a concrete slab appears simple, it can be scary if you have never done it before. Master masons, Bayside Masonry & Restorations has been pouring slabs for over 28 years. We’ve got the skills and the equipment to get the job done right.
Concrete slabs are widely used in both the residential and construction industries.
Concrete is an excellent foundation material because of its strength, durability, availability, ease of installation, and low cost.

Excavation in Mattapan, Boston

Excavation entails more than simply moving soil. It involves things like site preparation, trenching, and grading, to mention a few. Every excavation project at Bayside Masonry & Restorations will be safe and efficient. We offer the experience, abilities, and understanding to help you achieve your objectives on time and on budget. Our excavation services will meet or surpass your expectations, regardless of the scope of your project.

Foundations, Slabs & Excavations in Mattapan, Boston


We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of masonry services at Bayside Masonry & Restorations. We are licensed in Boston and serve the entire Greater Boston area, as well as the surrounding areas.

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